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Street #Street NameFloor Plan# of Beds# of BathsSquare FootageAvailability
1Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
2Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
3Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Sold
4Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Under Agreement / Sold
6Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
8Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
10Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
12Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Sold
14Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
16Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Sold
18Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 1 Reserved
20Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement / Sold
22Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
24Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Phase 1 Reserved
25Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement / Sold
26Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement/Sold
27Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Under Agreement/Sold
28Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
29Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
30Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 2 Reserved
31Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Phase 1 Under Agreement / Sold
32Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement/Sold
33Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement/Sold
34Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement/Sold
35Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Sold
36Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
37Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
38Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 3 Reserved
39Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
40Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Available
42Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Available
44Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Available
46Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 3 Reserved
48Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Phase 3
50Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Phase 3
52Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Phase 3 Reserved
1Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3 Reserved
2Atlantic WayHanover21.51158Under Agreement/Sold
3Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
4Atlantic WayScituate22.52325Under Agreement/Sold
5Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Available
6Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 2 Under Agreement / Sold
7Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Available
8Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
9Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
11Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
27Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 2
13Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3
15Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
16Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
17Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
18Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3
19Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
20Atlantic WayScituate22.52325Phase 3 Reserved
21Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3 Reserved
22Atlantic WayHanover21.51158Phase 3
23Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
24Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
25Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
26Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
28Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
29Atlantic WayMarshfield22.51470Under Agreement / Sold
30Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 2 Reserved
31Atlantic WayDuxbury22.52004Phase 3
32Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
33Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
34Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
35Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 2

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