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Street #Street NameFloor Plan# of Beds# of BathsSquare FootageAvailability
1Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
2Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
3Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Sold
4Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Sold
6Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
8Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
10Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
12Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Sold
14Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
16Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Sold
18Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 1 Reserved
20Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement / Sold
22Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
24Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Phase 1 Reserved
25Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement / Sold
26Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Sold
27Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Under Agreement/Sold
28Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
29Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
30Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Under Agreement / Sold
31Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Phase 1 Under Agreement / Sold
32Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement/Sold
33Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Under Agreement/Sold
34Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement/Sold
35Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Sold
36Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
37Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
38Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 3 Reserved
39Sandy Hill CircleCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
40Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Available
42Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Available
44Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Under Agreement / Sold
46Sandy Hill CircleHanover21.51158Phase 3 Reserved
48Sandy Hill CircleScituate22.52325Phase 3
50Sandy Hill CircleHingham22.52135Phase 3
52Sandy Hill CircleNorwell211083Phase 3 Reserved
1Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3 Reserved
2Atlantic WayHanover21.51158Under Agreement/Sold
3Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
4Atlantic WayScituate22.52325Under Agreement/Sold
5Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Available
6Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 2 Under Agreement / Sold
7Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Available
8Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Under Agreement / Sold
9Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
11Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
27Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 2
13Atlantic WayNorwell211083Under Agreement / Sold
15Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
16Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Under Agreement / Sold
17Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
18Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3
19Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
20Atlantic WayScituate22.52325Phase 3 Reserved
21Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 3 Reserved
22Atlantic WayHanover21.51158Phase 3
23Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
24Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
25Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
26Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
28Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
29Atlantic WayMarshfield22.51470Under Agreement / Sold
30Atlantic WayNorwell211083Phase 2 Reserved
31Atlantic WayDuxbury22.52004Phase 3
32Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
33Atlantic WayCohasset22.52095Phase 3
34Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 3
35Atlantic WayHingham22.52135Phase 2

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